Top 12 Beaches in New Providence, Bahamas

The beach is one of those magical places that instantly makes people feel happy, at least those people visiting these top 12 beaches in New Providence, Bahamas.

There is something about our beaches that attracts people from all over the globe, having unforgettable experiences on the sand and in the water.

So, if you want to start living the island life, experience the beaches in The Bahamas.

These beaches will make you forget your stress, allow you relax and have fun.

Next time when you are on vacation in The Bahamas, visit these top 14 beaches in New Providence, which we have narrowed down for you!


Montague Beach, located at the east of downtown Nassau with the historic Montague fort, welcomes every person warmly. Both locals and tourists take long walks by Montague bay and come here for short breaks from lunch or have small picnics with their family and friends. The atmosphere altogether is very beautiful with clear blue water and white sand. There are a lot of boats taking people to and fro from Paradise Island and Nassau. It is a great place to spend quality time, so do visit here!


Cabbage Beach is named one of the world’s best beaches. Located on Paradise Island, this beach is home to several prominent hotels, including The Riu, Atlantis, and One & Only Ocean Club. Free access is on Casino Drive next to Riu Palace. The beach itself is a beautiful, vast stretch of soft white sand crossing about two miles of coastline. Local native trees provide shade for those wanting to take a nap. There are numerous places to rent water sports gear, from jet skis to buoys and rafts. Not surprisingly, it tends to be crowded and busy, especially on holidays as it is frequented by the locals. Don’t miss visiting this beautiful place!


Goodman’s Bay beach is also one of the most loved beaches in New Providence. It has a pleasant atmosphere with the beautiful scenery of crystal water and white sandy shore. It has a park with trees for people to relax. This place is loved by both locals and tourists as it also has beautiful hotels nearby including the now world famous BAHAMAR. If you walk the beach towards the hotel, you can rent jet skis, and other forms of aquatic fun for more unique experiences.


Saunders Beach is the perfect place to go if you need an escape for the weekends or public holidays. It has clean turquoise water, which makes you run towards it as soon as you visit the place. It is one of the most visited beaches by locals and tourists wanting to get away from the hotel. The beach is so big that if you want to get a tan, you will find an isolated area only for family and friends or even yourself. This beach definitely earns is spot on the top 12 beaches in New Providence by the locals. Many holidays, you will find church groups and family gatherings here. Do visit the place as it also has trees to provide shade and man-made rocks to make it look aesthetic.


 Sandyport beach was once one of the most luxurious beaches in the western area of New Providence. However, because of the development of the area now known as SandyPort, with canal for boats to enter, the beach has become more semi-secluded. The sand is white and the water is blue. You will have to get dropped there or park on the road. However, there is a shopping plaza with a foodstore nearby.You will need a taxi to get here if you are staying near downtown.


This beach is definitely worth earning its spot on the top 12 beaches in New Providence. It is conveniently located in an area just west of the Main Bay Street and has many restaurants and bars with Bahamian music playing to attract a crowd. It is located within a 5 minute walking distance from Downtown and the Cruise Port. This beach hosts a Junkanoo beach festival in spring, and a lot of people visit this place during their spring break. So, if you get a chance to see this place, don’t miss it!


This beach consists of caves which make the beach experience more adventurous. There are several sky holes to look up while in the caves, besides some bats. Locals are there to provide tours, and a Tiki hut peddler serves fruit smoothies and drinks. Caves Beach is more isolated, and many limestone caves can be seen at the outskirts of this beach, and that is where the beach got its name.

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Orange hill beach is mainly visited for sightseeing purposes, because as beautiful as it looks, it is a bit rocky, and the white sandy shore is really close to the road. There is no parking area, so you will have to get dropped here or park alongside the road, which can be dangerous to watch out for oncoming traffic. It is further west of the Caves Beach, but there is a high end shopping plaza nearby and quick access to the airport via Blake Road.


Cable beach is one of New Providence’s most extensive beaches, with a lot of white sand to walk over as well as crystal blue waters. Once the home of the Crystal Palace hotel, it is now home to the famous BAHAMAR. There are also a lot of jet skis and other water sports available for you to explore the sea yourself and have quality fun with your loved ones!


Love beach is also another outstanding beach with vast white sand. People on holidays mainly visit it as it remains calm and quiet most of the time. People love to spend time with their family here, and it’s also a great place to go for snorkeling! This beach is also near the airport, so you frequently see aircrafts flying off and landing, which proves to be quite a view sometimes.


Jaws beach is visited mostly as a tourist attraction, since this beach and its scenic beauty were the location for the third jaws movie. So get your cameras ready and visit this place to capture the beautiful water and sandy white shore! Tell your friends that you visited the world-famous beach, one of the top 12 beaches in New Providence. You will need a taxi to get here but it is worth the trip.


Adelaide beach, one of the New Providence beaches, is not too well known and far out of the way. Locals and some tourists use this beach, and you will likely end up the only person on the beach on any given day. There is a similar feel to some of the family island beaches, but it still is a stunning and must-visit beach.


Coral harbor beach a semi-secluded beach in New Providence and is situated in the residential subdivision of Coral Harbour in the southwest. It is very spacious, and one can quickly come here to spend quality time in privacy away from the chaos of the world. Horse riding tours are also available at this beach and are usually visited by locals because most of the tourists don’t know about this place.


 Yamacraw Beach is located in the South-Eastern part of New Providence. The beach is not usually the one that tourists visit as it is out of the way, and the beach is not as beautiful as many of the others, more midway located to the hotels. Locals living in the area visit this beach regularly, and enjoy the natural sand and waters.


So the next time you make your plans to visit the Bahamas, make sure you include one of these top 12 beaches in New Providence. They are absolutely some of the most beautiful beaches you will find throughout the world. Make sure you place one or two of them on your list of things to do!

Which beach do you think is the best? Leave your answer in the COMMENTS below.

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