The END is NEAR! | 2020 Is Soon A Memory

…the end of the YEAR that is. How quickly we have managed to reach December 2020. And despite what has been going on around the world with lockdowns, viruses, masks, online schooling, layoffs, vaccines, and curfews we have managed to make it. We still remember with sorrow the many thousands around the world that have died due to the pandemic. For some of us, things are just as crazy or worse as they were back in March. We all continue with hope that things will continue to get better. We hope to get back to the OLD normal when were were able to be around and interact with each other.

For The Bahamas, at least for now, despite the fact that the end of 2020 is near, things are leveling off. Numbers of cases and infections and dropping. We are trying to get back to some form of normal. Schools are looking at reopening, businesses are opening. Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, there was no weekend lockdown and indoor dining has returned. If you drive on the streets of the capital, the cars on the road will give you a sense that things are getting back to normal.


We are happy that it seems the Tourism Engine has restarted. Big hotels like BAHAMAR and ATLANTIS are looking forward to receiving visitors from afar. Beaches are now scattered with children playing in the sand and parents watching nearby. Conch and Fish vendors are back to selling their goods. Taxis and Tour Busses are getting back to the usual pick ups and drop offs.

The End Is Near

So this seems like a perfect time to take stock of how these past 9 months have gone. Where are you personally now compared to 9 months ago. It takes 9 months to birth a child. What has been birthed over the last 9 months in your personal life? Have you taken advantage of personally upgrading your skills during these challenging times? Have you been spending extra time digging deeper into your interests, learning something new? With so much time we have had on our hands, it would make sense that we have spent time doing something. It could be those projects we ‘never had time’ to do in the past. Have you been spending some time honing your talents, possibly learning new skills to help you financially?


The MASSIVE number of online courses that exploded online available for as little as $9.99. These courses include web design, marketing, photography and graphics. Others teach you to draw, create furniture, grow your social media presence, and even start an online business.

Udemy, Linked-In Learning, Domestika, Lynda have all made their online presence known, offering many courses for self-improvement. There have been hundreds of opportunities over these months to make lemonade from the lemons we have all been given.

Companies like SFM have enabled those looking to start their own business have a platform to do so with step by step guidance and mentors along the way. They have helped countless others looking to find an alternative to the 40 hour a week rat-race that tens of millions of us have found ourselves in. I was able to create this website using tutorials, training materials and YouTube videos on using WORDPRESS and ELEMENTOR. These are two fantastic tools to get your presence felt online. These sites and tools have provided some form of SOLUTION to the things I have realized through the lockdowns that are missing. These can transform your life over a period of time if given a chance, time and patience. You can even start to create your own website to promote your interests, hobbies, or just blog about things that you love. Creating a website with WordPress and Elementor are easy. With affordable and eco-friendly website hosting, you are sure to have a site up and running in to time.

The End Is Near

Thankfully, despite the fact that the end of 2020 is near, and as Christmas approaches, some of you have taken 1-2 courses and feel good that you have upgraded some of your skills or learned a new skill during the lockdown. For others, you may now have regrets of not having started to engage into some form of learning or self-improvement. But all is not lost.


Never fear. There is still time! The host of courses, reading materials, blogs, online business opportunities, YouTube videos are STILL there and many are now offering discounts during this season and upcoming end of the year. Decide on what you have always wanted to learn more about, or build on your existing knowledge of. Think about those trends happening in the world today with online marketing, online selling, affiliate marketing, promotions through Facebook and Instagram, online web markets and sales. Then find your friend GOOGLE and start typing away.

The End Is Near

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting to have different results. To get different results, you have to do something different. Step out of your comfort zone, think out side of the box and take action today on what can potentially change your life.


As you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas starting December 25, 2020 make the start of 2021 look more bright, more exciting and more successful because you took action and decided to make your life better! The End is Near but only until December 31. Then you have an entire year ahead of you to make things happen!

The End Is Near

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