Swim With The Pigs – Top 7 Bahamas Charters

Swimming alongside fish and dolphins is something everyone is familiar with when they visit a tropical destination, but have you ever thought what it would be like to swim with the pigs? If not, then what are you waiting for? If you visit the Bahamas, you definitely need to visit these places where you can swim with the cutest pigs ever! This is one of the experiences you do not want to miss if you are visiting The Bahamas.

Here are the top seven companies you can book when visiting The Bahamas where you can take a peaceful swim with the pigs. Also, don’t forget to take a selfie with the bundle of cuteness!

Spanish Wells Fishing

swim with the pigs

Spanish Wells fishing offers an excellent package for swimming with pigs. The visit to pig beach is exotic as you can see various pigs swimming in the blue water enjoying themselves and even taking sunbaths. They interact with people who visit them and are very friendly towards them. This visit to the pig beach is led by Captain Ryan who will take you on a morning or an afternoon adventure of swimming with the pigs so that you can have a lifetime experience and make unforgettable memories!

The charter includes two shifts. It can be either from morning to evening or from morning to afternoon, depending on you, and the package consists of all the gear, rods and reels, bait, ice, water and sodas and more! You can also bring your own gear, but you need to contact Captain Ryan for confirmation whether the gear will be suitable or not. They can even make you lunch or stop at a restaurant. In short, they can customize the package in whatever way you want it!

Bahamas Ocean Safaris

Don’t forget to take your gear with you including your towel, waterproof camera, sunscreen and hat to keep our the sun. You will need all of these things and more when you head out to swim with the pigs.

swim with pigs

Visiting the oceans and taking pictures with different fish and dolphins is what almost everybody does and what every ocean offers. But the Bahamas Ocean Safari also lets you swim with the pigs as well as other beach and ocean shenanigans! Isn’t it amazing? You can have an amazing swim with your new swim buddies who are also the cutest! You can feed them, take pictures with them and spend either an hour or whole afternoon with them. It all depends on you. After spending some time with the pigs you will understand how this is the most exciting part of your visit and you would have missed the greatest fun possible if you didn’t get to swim with the pigs. This charter is led by Captain James who offers the most exciting packages for you to enjoy with your family.

The package includes deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, cliff jumping, and sightseeing apart from swimming with the pigs plus you will get to enjoy various stories with Captain James!


Extreme Boat Adventures

swim with pigs

This trip is 100% Bahamian owned and operated, plus the captain and crew are very aware of the waters of The Bahamas because they have grown up navigating them from childhood. Their Tours are fun-filled, safe, exciting, and offer characteristics that are unmatched anyplace. They are intended to fit the adventuresome spirit of an extensive spectrum of visitors. The trip is led by Extreme Boat Adventures Limited, and their gear and equipment are government inspected and approved.

This charter includes: swimming with the pigs, beaching, snorkeling, viewing of seahorses and turtles, blue hole diving, and by special arrangement, fishing. Apart from this, they can also provide concierge service and arrange accommodations, rentals, transportation, and private yacht charters.

Da Salty Pig

This is a Bahamian-owned charter business provides you with a fantastic experience. Witness all of the exclusive facilities around North Eleuthera, Spanish Wells and Harbour Island areas. You will surely enjoy the crystal blue waters above and below, plus the beautiful beaches and mouth-watering Bahamian food. This charter also takes you to visit the beautiful landmarks of Eleuthera and other beautiful places. The best part about the charter is that they are also offering swimming with pigs along with other water activities! You can have the best time with your new swimming buddies and spend quality time with them to realize how swimming with pigs can be your new favourite thing to do.

The activities included in the packages are endless. It truly depends on you what you want to choose for your trip. The captains of the trip are certified and experienced, plus all the boats are comfortable and reliable. Stop in Spanish Wells for a bite to eat after swimming with the pigs. See the TOP RESTAURANTS that will give you unforgettable island cuisine.


Powerboat Adventures

Meeting and swimming with fish are what everyone does at most tropical places throughout the world. But, the exciting thing which The Bahamas holds is the meeting & swimming with The Exuma Pigs! You much have heard about the new norm of swimming with pigs on Facebook. It all in the news now, so why not visit the place and hang out or swim with the famous Exuma Pigs! The delightful island pigs on Ship Channel Cay are not only extremely cute but are super friendly too! Some may be contemplating a tasty feast. Some may swim with you, or maybe they’ll just want to play with you for a scratch behind the ears! Whichever option they decide on, you will enjoy them all and can make all your Instagram and Facebook followers jealous!

This charter also offers you an overnight stay and an escape from reality. They can arrange for private island seating and lunch for you, or you can explore nature yourself through the trails set out by them. They can also arrange for a relaxing bonfire for you too. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a relaxing holiday package here!

Bring along the ideal waterproof camera to take pictures on this trip for memories that will last a lifetime.

Aqua Shores

Thinking about having a luxurious holiday? Well, we’ve brought you an exciting offer! All you have to do is get on the luxury boat by Aqua shores and get ready for an exciting day at Exuma Cays! This charter includes the most exciting activities ever, starting from the visit to iguanas, secluded in their private island. You can feed them and take pictures with them. Next will be the swim with sharks! Yes, you heard it right – you can either go swimming with the sharks, or you can also pat them from the dock – it is up to you. If not the sharks, you can also swim with the cute pigs and take pictures with them. They are the main attraction of the trip, and you do not want to miss them. Next, you can stop for a hot lunch included in the tour package and relax at the sandy white beach!

Born Free Charters

The Bahamas has so many islands and cays that many people do not visit. One of the Islands called Meeks Patch, an hour away from Nassau, is home to swimmings, pigs, some dogs and a turkey. This charter will take you to the Meeks Patch to have a swim with pigs in a speed boat, and you can enjoy your day at the island, snorkel with the turtles, have lunch enjoy drinks that are on board and have a great day which you will remember for the rest of your life. So what are you waiting for? Have the best time swimming with the adorable pigs now!


So whichever package you choose, know that you will have an unforgettable adventure swimming with the pigs along with fish, sharks, iguanas and turtles while dining on Bahamian food. This is one adventure that you have to place on your bucket list.

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