Androsia: Hand Made Island Clothing

Hand Made Androsia Island Clothing

Living the island life includes local attire. In The Bahamas, we produce a world-renowned, one of a kind, hand-made fabric called Androsia. Here is a look into how this hand made Androsia island clothing has made its mark as a fabric process and how the company came into existence. Learn more about the freedom to live the island life by clicking here.

Living the island life includes indulging in local cuisine, dancing to indigenous music, listening to old stories and folktales as well as sporting local clothing and fabrics. One of the popular clothing items in The Bahamas is made from a locally made fabric known as ANDROSIA. This batik-made fabric uses stamps with hot wax and dying to produce one of the most colorful and tropical looking fabrics i the world. Androsia comes from the island of ANDROS, where the batik factory is located.

Our Past 

Hand Made Androsia Island Clothing

Androsia Hand Made Batik was started on the beach, in the late 1960’s by Rosi Birch. Batik was a low tech but vibrant art form that Rosi thought would be a wonderful fit for Andros. Not only would it be a creative outlet but it would provide employment to local women, a cause close to her heart. Sewing classes and waxing and dyeing experiments commenced. 

Hand Made Androsia Island Clothing
Hand Made Androsia Island Clothing

Fabric and garments were hand painted with wax and dyed on the beach, then sent out to local women to sew and finish in their homes. When The Bahamas became an independent nation in 1973 Androsia Hand Made Batik took off as the unofficial national fabric of The Bahamas. Everything was 100% Hand Made in The Bahamas & inspired by the natural beauty of The Bahamas & committed to giving back.

Our Process 

Hand Made Androsia Island Clothing

Since those early days we have refined and developed our craft but our process is still very similar. We use some of the original designs conceived by Rosi over 40 years ago but, inspired by the beauty we’re surrounded with everyday, add new ones all the time. We hand carve all of our stamps, molding them from sponge and foam. We still splash, paint, stamp and play with  hot wax before hand dying in our fleet of bathtubs. We dry everything under the Bahamian sun and sew right here on Andros. Some of the same women have worked with us for over 30 years. At Androsia we see ourselves as artisans committed to creating vibrant and playful textiles, garments and experiences. Every yard of Androsia is stamped with our signature, a sign you’ve bought an unique piece of art.  

Our Future 

 Androsia Hand Made Island Clothing through the Batik process is a family affair. Tt has passed from Rosi, to her step-son Jeff, to his daughter Casey.  Casey grew up around and in Androsia, modeling for catalogues, playing in the factory, her infant footprint was even used in a design! She is excited to continue our work. Our family is as committed to creating beautiful hand made textiles as we were 40 years ago. Shop for our exciting and colorful Androsia Products HERE.

Hand Made Androsia Island Clothing

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