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There are many beaches to visit throughout the length and breadth of The Bahamas. The following are many choices for you on the island of New Providence (always referred to wherever you are on the island as NASSAU which is the city). There are also many others throughout the rest of the Bahamas including Eleuthera which has the world famous pink sands beach in Harbour Island. Stay tuned for more…Check out our blog post for more information on Nassau Beaches. 



Montagu Beach is a very popular location for the locals who visit here most weekends and through the week in the afternoons. Although it is a smaller beach, is always well kept and right on the site of Nassau’s oldest fort. There is some boat and jet ski traffic every now and then so be on the lookout. Several years ago, bathrooms were installed and next door you will find a small market where you can buy fish and conch.

Location: Montagu Beach is located on the eastern part of the island where East Bay Street meets Shirley Street.



Cabbage beach is often the first stop when it comes to beaches. It is located on Paradise Island and you have to cross the bridge to get there ($2 toll). Tourists as well as locals frequent this beach because of its beauty. Many local businesses will offer water sports at a cost including parasailing, and jet skiing. You will find some restaurants nearby.  There is enough beach and shade to find somewhere quiet to get a suntan. 

Location: Paradise Island via the Sidney Poitier Bridge if you are in Nassau by car ($2) or on foot ($0). 



Goodman’s Bay is another beach frequented by locals in the afternoons, weekends and on public holidays. It is a vast stretch of sand both east and west of its location. There are good stretches of water for swimming. The tall cedar trees on the beach provide shade for those wanting to shelter from the sun. There is a large parking lot and a few food vendors nearby. The beach is shared with BAHAMAR further down.

Location: Just west of Go Slow Bend, as you take the first roundabout, it will lead you to the parking lot. You have to pass Saunders Beach to get to Goodman’s Bay. A taxi will gladly take you here.



Saunders Beach has crystal clear waters  complete with trees for shade along with  manmade rock coves, which are roped off for safe swimming. This beach is mostly visited by the locals on weekends or public holidays. But the beach is so vast, you will always find plenty of space to get a tan. You have a clear view of the cruise ships that are docked at the port.  There’s a playground with swings and slides nearby, and restrooms, which puts it high up on the list of family friendly beaches. There is a gas station across the street, and some food vendors nearby.

Location: Located a few minutes west of Arawak Cay and just east of BAHAMAR. You can take the #10 or #12 buses to the port terminal.



Sandyport Beach was once a very popular beach for locals, but since the development of SandyPort was created, the beach became semi-secluded due to the bridge that was built to accommodate boats entering the subdivision. However, it still has a white sandy beach and blue waters that you will not forget. There is no parking lot, so you will have to get dropped off or park on the side of the road. The entrance to SandyPort is directly across the street and a shopping plaza with a foodstore is within walking distance.

Location: About 10 miles from downtown, it is best to take a jitney or a taxi. To walk here from downtown will take about 45 minutes.

junkanoo beach


Also called ‘Spring Break Beach’ due to the many ‘Spring-breakers’ from abroad, especially from December to early January, when the Bahamas hosts its popular Junkanoo Festival. It is located within walking distance from the cruise port, and in an area with several restaurants and bars. You will hear Bahamian music on the beach, as bars play to attract a crowd. 

Location: Near downtown, and close to the cruise ship port (10-15 minutes), on foot or by taxi. If walking, just follow Bay Street against the traffic and stay along the coast.



This beach comes with a cave as part of the adventure. There are a few sky holes to look up while in the cavesalong with some bats. Locals are there to give tours and a vendor in a Tiki hut serves drinks and fruit smoothies. There are no bathrooms  nearby. Caves beach is more secluded and there are many limestone caves that can be seen along the edges of this beach, and that is where the beach got its name. . Caves beach is perfect for relaxing and exploring.

Location: Caves beach is located to the west of Bahamar. It is near the main road, and will be easy to find if you stick to the coast. There is free parking here. You can take a taxi to get here. Caves is a 15-20 minute drive from downtown Nassau.

orange hill beach


Orange Hill Beach has a long stretch of white sand and blue waters. However, it is right on the main West Bay Street where cars frequently travel, making it hard to park and dangerous to watch out for oncoming traffic. The water has a few clear areas, but is quite rocky and often rough. It is just west of the Caves Village Shopping Center where there are high end restaurants and shops.

Location: West Bay Street not far from the airport, but on the north coast. It is just west of Caves Village Condominiums, It is suggested to take a taxi here and arrange pickup. You can access this beach by using Blake Road North if you are travelling on the road to the airport.



Cable beach has a lot of white sand to walk around and explore along with the crystal blue water. You can rent Jet Skis and will find this beach a great choice for  anyone looking for some fun in the sun. Officially this beach is now located directly behind the new BAHAMAR.

Location: The area of ‘Cable Beach’ is roughly 6 miles west of downtown on the north side. The local transit ‘Jitney #10’ will get you there for $1.50 from George Street downtown. A taxi can also get you there. 



Love Beach is another beach that has white sands and blue waters. It is a little further west and locals visit here on holidays mainly. It has natural rock pools, hammocks and cabanas. It is quiet, calm, and good for family beach days.  It is also a great spot for snorkeling with a 40-acre protected coral reef about one mile offshore. The Nirvana Beach bar is nearby. Due to its location near the airport, you will see aircraft as they land and take off from the nearby Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Location: Via public bus take the 12a or 12b bus (jitney). A taxi is a little more expensive, but more convenient.




You will not see Jaws on  Jaws beach but it will leave a lasting impact. Jaws Beach is a top-rated Nassau beach, so bring your camera to capture the beautiful beach and waters. This beach was named due to it being used as a filming location for the final installment of the “Jaws” movie. Some people visit this beach just for this reason, but most visit due to it being promoted as a off the beaten track beach, loved by locals. Jaws beach is located within the Clifton Heritage Park.

Location: Take the 12B jitney public bus to get to this beach, but make ensure the driver knows beforehand as they do not usually make stops there. You will need to make arrangements with the driver to pick you up afterward, as buses to and from this area are not always reliable. You can always take a taxi here.



Adelaide beach on of the New Providence beaches that is not too well known and basically far out of the way. Used by locals and some tourists, you will likely end up the only person on the beach on any given day. There is a similar feel to some of the family island beaches.

Location: Adelaide is located south of Old Fort Bay, on the south western coast of the island. Rent a taxi to get to this location, or hiring a local guide. 



Coral Harbor, located in the South Western part of the island, has a different feel and is more secluded than the other beaches. Horse-riding tours are also available. It is spacious, and mainly used by the locals. Use a beachside hammock, and enjoy the sunshine.

Location: Use a taxi, or rental car travelling west towards the airport and then east and south towards Coral Harbour. Once you enter Coral Harbour’s two pillars, you will come to the beach. 



Yamacraw Beach is located in the South Eastern part of New Providence. The beach is not usually one that tourists visit as it is out of the way and the beach is not as nice as many of the others more centrally located to the hotels. Locals living in the area frequent this beach, who’s sand and waters are not as pristine and blue as the others.

Location: Take the Eastern Road and keep driving. You will see lots of residential homes until you get to the eastern part of New Providence. 

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