10 Best Waterproof Cameras

10 best underwater cameras

With summer approaching, you need one of the 10 best waterproof cameras to capture those moments spent at the beach.

Family get togethers, splashing around in the water, observing the coral reefs and fish are all a part of the vacation adventure.

Picture-taking technology continues to get better and now, professional-quality photography and videography have become possible – even at the beach.

Take your camera beneath or around the sea, bring it while you are water rafting, or shoot without panic in a torrential flood; the most reliable waterproof cameras do it all. There are many cameras available at many various price limits, so you’ll be able to discover an exceptional waterproof camera according to your budget. Here are a few of the 10 best waterproof cameras:

Olympus Tough TG-6

best waterproof cameras

The Olympus tough series already has an excellent reputation for solid and sturdy cameras with exceptional videography and photography skills. Although the Olympus TG series already had waterproof features, the TG-6 has introduced a brand new feature of microscopic photography which means you can zoom in on objects that are far away from you. It is pretty simple to use with a firm hand grip to protect it from slipping away from your hand.


  • 4K video recording
  • Generous optical zoom

2. Nikon Coolpix W300

best waterproof cameras

The Nikon Coolpix is the perfect waterproof camera for underwater divers. It has 30m waterproofing which makes it one of the best cameras to take on the beach. It also comes with a barometer that gives valid underwater data like altitude and depth, as well as an electronic compass and shock absorbers to make your underwater experience more comfortable and more accessible. The only con of this camera is that it does not support raw shooting and is only for underwater shoots.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Decent zoom range
  • Different colors available

3. Ricoh WG-70

best waterproof cameras

This camera is known to be the most formidable camera that can be used underwater. It has some features, which makes it highly unique from other cameras. It consists of tiny ring lights, which serve as a torch underwater and make you look more clearly underwater, and also helps to keep your object illuminated. This makes the pictures come even greater. It is able to stay submerged in 14m of water for up to 2 hours. If you plan a vacation to the beaches, get this camera to capture the best memories!


  • Decent zoom range
  • Useful built-in ring lights

4. Panasonic FT30

best waterproof cameras

Panasonic FT30 isn’t the newest waterproof camera. It has been here for a while and is loved by many people because of its slim design and can be fit easily in your jeans pocket. The best part about this camera is its highly reasonable price. It may not produce high-tech pictures like other expensive cameras, but it does capture pictures beautifully on the beach. You may want to put a hand strap on it to secure it on your wrist so that it does not slip away from your hand. You can video record your unique underwater experience on this camera too, so what are you waiting for? If you want a good camera with good picture quality and waterproof features, grab this one!


  • Very affordable
  • Slim and Smart design
  • Four colors available

5. Fujifilm XP140

best waterproof cameras

This camera is perfect for a family picnic as it’s totally kid-friendly. Its picture quality does not challenge the Olympus TG series, but it does not mean it skimps on image tech as it can shoot 4K videos. It is made up of sturdy material and is extremely easy to use with laid-out controls. The reason this camera can be one of the best cameras to take on the beach is because of its acceptable picture quality at a low price! So it’s a big plus point.


  • A healthy level of protection
  • 920k-dot LCD screen


Go pro Hero9 is the best option for vloggers or camera lovers who love to shoot videos and capture moments. Go pro has come up with its best product giving competition to its rivals. They have included a front-facing LCD screen in their camera, which can be very helpful during vlogging or shooting videos. Its features include a video resolution of 5K with improved stabilization and extract 14.7 MP stills from the video.

It is undoubtedly a bit heavier on your pocket, but it is worth the money because of its fantastic quality and ability to shoot videos mainly.


  • Front-facing LCD screen
  • Video resolution of 5K


In competition with go-pro cameras, this camera has come forward, and it has almost touched the bar. The best thing about this camera is it is pocket-friendly as compared to Go pro cameras. Other than that, its front-facing LCD is as good as theirs. Stabilization and resolution are also good. The camera body is of excellent quality and design. It contains a waterproof metal frame and has a textured rubber side which gives a great in-hand feel.

The camera contains a 12 MP sensor combined with an ultra-wide-angle lens. This makes it capture great pictures. The video resolution ranges from 720 to 4K, which means it has multiple resolutions and shoots excellent quality videos.  

It has many extraordinary abilities, but it still lacks some features and has some issues like a few lag issues at high resolution. Its app can sometimes be unreliable and few other problems. But these issues do not make it a bad camera. It still can be your option and is the best alternative to go pro camera.


  • 12MP sensor combined with the ultra-wide-angle present.
  • It consists of multiple resolutions.

8. GO pro HERO 8 BLACK

GO pro has never disappointed with excellent quality cameras and comes up with great models every time. GO pro hero black 8 is nothing less than other GoPro cameras. Hero 8 is a 360-degree camera with fantastic design, folding feet, and easy, housing-free mounting.

Talking about its design and abilities, it has a monochrome display with a fixed lens alongside. The lens is scratch-free and smashes the complimentary glass, which is more durable than HERO 7. It is tall and thin and is portable, and can easily be kept in pockets. Beneath the lens, there is a microphone that captures better audio.


  • Monochrome display
  • Scratch-free lens



  • Waterproof – 2M Shockproof Rating – Dustproof
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 4X Optical Zoom
  • 16MP BSI CMOS Sensor
  • 1080P Full HD Video
  • 2.7″ 230k LCD
  • SD Card not included – This camera takes a Micro SD/Micro SDHC Card up to 32GB

10. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS30A


  • Waterproof and disposable
  • Easy enough for anyone
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 Digital Camera (Blue) (DMC-TS30A), 128GB Memory Card, LED Video Light, Deluxe Soft Bag, 12 Inch Flexible Tripod, Deluxe Cleaning Set
  • 16.1MP 1/2.3″ CCD Sensor
  • 4x Optical Zoom 25-100mm DC Vario Lens
  • 2.7″ 230k-dot TFT Color LCD Display
  • 720p HD Video Capture


Enjoy picture taking with any of the top 10 best waterproof cameras reviewed above. When you visit any of the BEACHES IN NEW PROVIDENCE in The Bahamas, you will definitely capture memories that will last a lifetime.

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